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  Last Chance Fund  

The Last Chance Fund (LCF) was established to rescue adoptable animals with remediable behavioral or medical issues from imminent death at our city’s animal shelter. When an animal has only days or hours left to live, the LCF moves into ACTion. mtA awards a pledged dollar amount to an all-volunteer rescue organization who removes the animal from the shelter and agrees to care for them until he/she can be adopted. The Last Chance Fund gives deserving animals the chance of a lifetime!

How does the LCF work?

mtA will pledge a fixed amount of money from its LCF for an animal who has only days or hours left to live if a rescue does not come for them. They are truly on their "last chance". Pledges are for all volunteer rescue organizations only.

This pledge will be announced in social media by IACC.

Once the animal is pulled and seen by the rescue organization’s DVM, we ask that the rescue submit to mtA within 14 days:
     • a copy of the DVM’s invoice that includes name and mailing address
     • a follow up picture of the animal
The reason we asked for this follow-up (picture) is that donors to the fund appreciate seeing the outcome of their donation. Both the invoice and picture can be sent via email attachment.

Upon receipt of the invoice and picture, mtA will send the payment pledge to the DVM to be applied to that rescue organization's account. If the amount of the pledge exceeds the vetting expense of that animal, mtA asks the DVM to apply the balance of the pledge to the rescue organization’s account for another animal’s needs.

It is our intention that the LCF will help end the killing of adoptable animals.
See the animals who have benefited by this fund.

Note:  The money from this fund is purposefully pledged for an animal who would otherwise not likely be leaving the IACC facility alive. Fortunately, there are avenues for cats, farm animals and exotics to leave the facility, so we do not pledge for them as often.  The predominance of animals with the greatest needs are dogs.

If you would like to donate to the LCF you can do so on line at Donate and send us an email indicating that your donation is for this fund.