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  Rescue Rally 2011 / 2012 Information  

February 3, 2012
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“Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Work” Win Cash in Rescue Rally

Six all-volunteer animal rescue groups from the Greater Indianapolis area were awarded cash prizes for their rescue of dogs and cats from Indianapolis Animal Care & Control between October 15, 2011 and January 15, 2012. Fourteen groups participated in the second Rescue Rally, sponsored by local animal welfare organization Move to ACT.

Winners and their prize totals were:

1st Every Dog Counts Rescue $2,300.00
2nd ARPO $1,550.00
3rd Mended Hearts Rescu $1,400.00
4th Lucky Dog Retreat $900.00
5th Flying Herd Dog Rescue $800.00
6th Love of Labs $450.00

Participants competed to see which could rescue the most dogs, cats, special-needs animals, black dogs and cats, and animals who had spent the most time at IACC. More than 250 homeless animals were pulled from IACC by Rally participants, who found them foster or permanent homes.

Black animals were highlighted because they are often overlooked by potential adopters. Fifty-five black dogs were rescued during the Rally, with the largest number, 28, pulled by Every Dog Counts Rescue.

Physically challenged animals are also among the last to be adopted, and each of the winners listed several among their rescues. Mended Hearts Rescue claimed additional prize money for rescuing a sight-impaired dog, as well as the most cats rescued.

Pet Supplies Plus donated gift cards to the winners.

“Rescue Rally is possible because of the generous support of many local businesses and individuals who care,” noted Warren Patitz of Move to ACT. “They recognize that all-volunteer rescue groups use their donations responsibly to achieve results for the animals.

“These groups are the lifeblood of the animal rescue effort. They’re just ordinary people doing extraordinary, life-saving work.”

For more information, contact:

Carolene Bash


Rescue Rally recognizes, rewards and supports the life-saving achievements of Indianapolis area’s finest all-volunteer animal rescue organizations that pull, alter and adopt-out the most animals from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC) in an annual three month-long friendly competition.

Mark your calendar! The Rescue Rally awards ceremony will be Friday, January 27, 2012, 7PM at Circle City Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital LLC, 9650 Mayflower Park Drive, Carmel, IN.

All-volunteer animal rescue organizations are an essential life-line for at-risk animals in a community where 8,000+ adoptable animals are killed/year with our tax dollars.

Animals deserve better… Support No Kill

Small rescues are perpetually under-recognized and under-funded. They don’t have the luxury of a brand name or spend thousands of donor dollars on fund-raising, marketing and direct mailing. They do work efficiently to allocate donor dollars towards at-risk, adoptable animals that would otherwise be killed.

Rescue organizations account for 75% of the animals who leave IACC alive. The small, all-volunteer rescue organizations that participate in Rescue Rally are approved “rescue partners” of IACC. Move to ACT appreciates and supports the IACC staff who works tirelessly, with little support from city administration, to realize a live-release outcome
for the animals coming into the facility.

This year’s current Rescue Rally participating organizations
lliance for Responsible Pet Ownership A German Shepherd Rescue Indy
Beagle Buddies Indiana Bulldog Rescue
Cats Haven Kentuckiana Pug Rescue
Chihuahua Rescue Indiana Love of Labs Indiana
Every Dog Counts Rescue Lucky Dog Retreat
Flying K9’s Herd Dog Rescue Mended Hearts Indy
Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue Wags Stray Animal Foundation

To learn more about the Rescue Rally, visit: www.rescuerally.org
To learn more about the local animal welfare industry, visit: movetoact


The mission of move to ACT is to heighten community awareness of animal welfare issues and to advocate for improved policies and practices. MtA seeks truth and responsibility and is guided by principles of respect, accountability and ntegrity.


October 15th is the start of the Rescue Rally 2011-2012! If you are an all-volunteer rescue partner with IACC and located within a 50 mile radius of Indianapolis you are eligible to participate! Join the Rally! If you know of a qualifying rescue group - let them know about the Rally! Cash awards are available! New categories of animals for awards pulled from IACC include "sight impaired," "physically challenged" and those with the longest residency.

January 24, 2012
For immediate release

Second Annual Rescue Rally Awards Ceremony Set for Friday, January 27

Winners of the second annual Rescue Rally, a friendly competition among all-volunteer animal rescue organizations in the Greater Indianapolis area, will share $8,000 in prizes this Friday when the results of the three-month competition are revealed. Prizes will be awarded on Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. at Circle City Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital, 9650 Mayflower Park Drive, Carmel IN.

The public is invited to attend the awards ceremony, which will feature refreshments, entertainment and a silent auction.

Sponsored by local animal welfare advocate move to ACT and supported by 16 local businesses, Rescue Rally offers cash prizes to qualifying rescue groups who pull animals from Indianapolis Animal Care & Control and find them loving, permanent homes. The winners will use the prize money to offset the costs of food, veterinary care, transportation and other operating expenses.

Fourteen groups participated in the Rally, which took place between October 15, 2011 and January 15, 2012. Participants competed to see which could rescue the most dogs, the most cats, the most special-needs animals, and the most black dogs and cats. The groups have pulled more than 250 at-risk animals.

“These small, all-volunteer rescue groups do so much with so little,” said Warren Patitz of move to ACT. “They have no paid fundraisers and little, if any, name recognition to help them get donations. Their expenses are often paid from their own not-so-deep pockets.”

“Rescue Rally offers them some much-deserved recognition and much-needed funds.”

Less than half the homeless animals who wind up at IACC leave the facility alive. Volunteer rescue groups are responsible for at least 30 percent of those rescued.

Patitz noted a significant increase in sponsorship support for this year’s Rescue Rally. “Local businesses and private donors are recognizing that these small groups represent the best return on their investment in animal welfare,” Patitz continued. “Volunteer rescue groups are ordinary people doing extraordinary work.”

For more information, contact:

Carolene Bash

Rescue Rally Awards Ceremony
When: Friday, 7 PM, 1/27/12

To read more, visit here.

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