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  Just One Day 2012  

June 18, 2012
For immediate release

“Just One Day” A Nationwide Success

On June 11, more than 800 animal shelters and animal rescue groups nationwide participated in an initiative to suspend the killing of healthy adoptable animals for just one day. Care2, an online community of more than 19,500,000 members supporting a variety of causes, and newspapers across the country proclaimed the event a rousing success.

Local animal welfare organization move to ACT organized and promoted the event in Indianapolis. Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, along with a dozen independent rescue groups, took part. Eighty animals left IACC alive on June 10 and 11 as a result of their efforts. No healthy adoptable animals were killed at IACC on June 11.

mtA also provided cash awards for participating rescues. The three organizations pulling the most animals from IACC on June 10 and 11 were entered into a drawing for a $1,000 prize, which was won by Every Dog Counts Rescue. Heart for Dog Rescue and Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO) each won $500 in a drawing held among the remaining groups. German Shepherd Rescue Indy won a $100 gift card from Pet Supplies Plus.

Other participants were
• Indy Claw Rescue
• CDT Pit Bull Rescue
• Indiana House Rabbit Society Rescue
• Love of Labs Indiana Rescue
• Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue
• Lucky Pups Rescue
• Mended Hearts Rescue
• Southside Animal Shelter Rescue

These are small operations that survive on extremely limited donations and have no fundraising budget, so cash awards were welcome.

“Plans are already in motion for Just One Day #2,” said Warren Patitz of Move to ACT. “Some great suggestions have been made for ways to make the program even more effective, and we encourage anyone with good ideas to put them into practice so that together, we can save more animals.”

For more information, please contact:

Warren Patitz

Link to the flyer

Link to the flyer